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 YTK Enhanced Version 2.6 Beta Build 108 Cracked Released!

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PostSubject: YTK Enhanced Version 2.6 Beta Build 108 Cracked Released!   Wed Jun 06, 2012 1:50 pm

Enhanced Version 2.6 Build 108 Beta Release Notes:
--> Removed
U-Mode's old "Cloak Mode" functionality that allowed your name to stay
in the room even after being disconnected from the chat server. This
anti-boot option has now been reduced to Auto-Reconnect which provides
all of Yahoo!'s YMSG protocol versions 15, 16, 17, 18, and 102 for
session connectivity and still uses our very own ultra fast, single
packet universal cookie login which still completely prevents your
account from being locked out of chat (effective until you sign out of
YM or close YTK/YM)
--> Removed all the old SP1 & AC4 YMSG Chat Servers since they no longer work
--> Removed all the old RE2 SIP PC Call Servers as most no longer work anymore
--> Fixed an IMVironment bug that caused a
confliction with the old file transfer packet so now IMV's are correctly
identified when group zoning blocks them instead of being reported as
"File Transfers" in the alert bar
--> Fixed a bug with the "Let Messenger
Choose" setting in the SIP PC Voice & Video Call Server Selector
where YTK would sometimes not relay the connection properly
--> Added the new YMSG version 18 (which YM 11
natively uses) to Auto-Reconnect's Protocol Version Selector
--> Added the new Yahoo! Messenger Update
Servers and reworked YTK's YM Update Checker for new builds of YM 11 as
well as new versions that may be available in the future
--> Added the new (non -Px) NE1 and SP2 PC
calling servers to the PC Calling Voice & Video Server Selector
--> Improved our Duplicate PM detection and
blocking for both inbound and outbound messages so you'll never see one
again nor will the people you contact via PM
--> Removed all of the old secondary MUD cam
lookup servers for WPV cam scanning and replaced them with the new
secondary cam lookup server
--> Slightly increased WPV's webcam bot
scanning speed a bit (this is going to be rewritten from the ground up
next build). No false positives occur as usual and it's more reliable
than ever with the new secondary cam lookup server in use
--> Added a new internal spam rule that
blocks and auto-ignores users posting messages with links that contain
an HTML entity code obfuscation technique to bypass Yahoo!'s own spam
link filtering rules in chat rooms
--> Added a new internal spam rule that
blocks and auto-ignores users posting messages with a link as their
first message received
--> Removed the Refresh Voice Toolbar Button
enable/disable option from the control panel so it can no longer be
disabled since it didn't properly work anyway and because of the set
ordering the custom toolbar buttons in chat are designed to be in (a
future option will allow you to order them however you like)
--> Fixed a bug with checking the Global
Ignore Bin before blocking Spam Greeting messages from users who post a
spam greeting signature as their first message received so you no
longer see multiple entries from the same ignored user in the loggers
--> Removed the YMSG/HTTP Keep-Alive Ping
option as it is now useless and was buggy causing disconnections to
occur for _some_ of our users Yahoo! accounts
--> Fixed Username Auto-Complete since YM 11 Beta partially broke it
--> Fixed the Recent Rooms List as YM 11 Beta broke it
--> Fixed the custom Toolbar Buttons that YTK adds to the chat room since YM 11 Beta broke it
--> Fixed our alternate Auto-Reconnect YMSG
protocol version support as YM 11 wasn't working correctly with it
--> Cleaned up several unit sections of source code for various features and service handlers
--> ALL of YM 11/YMSG version 18's new packet
types and services are now recognized and supported (there's over a
half dozen new packet types) which includes Facebook Chat (requires you
to link your FB account to your Yahoo! Messenger account first to use
--> Other miscellaneous corrections were made
to account for Yahoo!'s packet type use and service changes
--> Fully backwards compatible with ALL Yahoo! Messenger builds (versions 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, and 10.0)
--> Full [initial] support for this first build of Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta has been completed
--> Tested and working correctly with Windows 7's newly released Service Pack 1 urve6h 1C70HKD7VN
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YTK Enhanced Version 2.6 Beta Build 108 Cracked Released!
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